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                                                                                  How it works for       

                                          Vessel Life Extension Projects



We start by listening to your needs, set goals and ensure we get it right. It is important “Smart Galley Designs” (SGD) is the right fit for your project requirements.

Engaging Smart Galley Designs’ Services

We start with a phone consultation to learn what the scope of your project is along with your end goal in mind.

Next, We typically suggest a “Diagnostic Survey” to prepare a list of observations and recommendations.

The Diagnostic Survey

The Process:

⦁ Pre-Vessel Site Visit - A short list of pre-visit items will be provided to the client detailing the expected on-board Diagnostic – Survey activities expected for the vessels officer and crew’s preparations.
⦁ Day 1 - We meet briefly with the management and Galley crew when possible to learn the Galley’s past nuances and equipment needs that will service the onboard cooking traditions. A draft outline drawing of the galley is created along with the observations and recommendations.
⦁ Day 2 - A meeting is planned with the Chief Engineer and the Logistics Officer to confirm the findings, propose changes and to present the draft layout of the galley.
⦁ Follow Up Report – Upon completion of a Diagnostic Survey, A Report will follow detailing the observations, recommendations with a draft outline of the recommended equipment specs, layout and logistics behind the findings and recommendations. Included is the research and cut-sheet complete with budget pricing for the refit.


Galley Design Experience:

  • Marine Atlantic - FMV Bluenose — Designed galley for 50% reduction in labour cost $350K seasonally, using technology and ergonomics = Happier Crew and Passengers.
  • Maritime Marine Services - MV Cat — Designed galley / menu for optimum performance.
  • Coastal Transport - FMV Adventure — "New Build" for Province of New Brunswick awarded to Eastern Shipbuilding Group, Panama City, Florida to design storage, galley, servery and cafeteria areas / menus.
  • Canadian Coast Guard - CCG Louis S. St. Laurent - VLE Project — worked with crew to engineer an ergonomically designed galley, servery and crew's mess delivering crew satisfaction while addressing vessel restrictions (Reducing grey water, limited hull intrusion & comfort design).
  • Canadian Coast Guard - CCG Ann Harvey - VLE Project — Created new galley with crew(s) to accommodate crew cooking style, improving safety and efficiency.
  • Canadian Coast Guard - CCG Martha L. Black - VLE Project — Minimized structural changes and reduced work steps.
  • Royal Canadian Navy- HMCS Halifax Class- Food Services Processes Analysis, VLE galley design.