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Smart Galley Designs is a Moncton based, Canadian company specializing in ergonomic, smart, galley and kitchen designs by combining traditional with modern equipment configurations.

We create fully integrated galley systems where ergonomics meet the human factor, from food receiving and storage up to the galley, serveries and crew`s mess, from deck to deckhead.


We provide consultancy and design services, turn-key solutions from flooring to deckhead and a line of electrical adjustable Ergo Workstations that are designed to help prevent workplace related injuries by creating a height adjustable work surface that can be used by galley staff of different heights and build for a safer and healthier work environment. Our Ergo Workstation Product line consists of Islands, Wall faced, Cold prep, Induction and Plumbed stations that can be build custom to the end-user`s needs.

We deliver High-Quality, Ergonomic Designs to attract and retain a “Happy Crew”